Missouri Man Arrested After Leaving More Than a Dozen ‘Hateful’ Voicemails for Black Judge with His Contact Details, Claims He’s a Victim of Reverse Discrimination

A Missouri man is behind bars after leaving a slew of threatening and racist voicemails for a county judge which included his first and last name and contact number.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says Michael Deblois, a white man, left 15 to 17 voicemails for a Black judge calling her the N-word and airing grievances about her staff and an unspecified housing dispute between March 27 and March 28. Some of the messages are unintelligible.

Missouri Man Threatens Black Judge
Michael A. Deblois (Photo: Jackson County Detention Center)

Authorities have withheld the judge’s identity but specify in the document that she is African-American. Deblois also apparently has an issue with his landlord that he also refers to in his voice message as a racial slur. He also makes multiple demands for a court hearing. The judge said in her application for a protection order that she is presiding over a case involving Deblois.

“I highly recommend somebody in the staff of the Honorable Judge [name redacted] gets their head out their f—ing a– and explain to me in plain f—ing English why I can’t get a f—ing hearing to expose the government corruption and fraudulent homeowners association that he foreclosed my home for,” Deblois reportedly said.

The 42-year-old man also threatened to follow staff home and claimed that he had been stalking the courthouse for two weeks. The judge filed a protective order against Deblois, saying she fears for her safety and family.

“I am not doing anything to a single member of your f—ing staff that you didn’t do to me first,” Deblois said in a voice message. “Eye for an eye, makes you wonder what I do have planned.”

Jackson County prosecutors charged Deblois with first-degree harassment and tampering with a judicial officer, which are both felony offenses. He is facing one to seven years in jail or prison for the tampering charge. If convicted of harassment, he could serve from one to four years. Both charges could cost him up $10,000 each in fines.

Deblois also grumbles about reverse racism in the messages that detectives referred to as “angry” and “hateful.”

“Hey, do you know what reverse discrimination is because I want you to know how Black people can do whatever the f— they want,” he said.

Deblois’s criminal history shows he was found guilty of violating an order of protection in Jackson County 10 years ago and was sentenced to three years probation.

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