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In today’s competitive business world, employers are always looking for talent—like yours! and they’re increasingly searching the Internet and social media sources to find qualified applicants. So if you’re not online, promoting your skills you’re largely invisible to these employers.

In this quick introduction, you learn ways to get online and things you can do with networking tools like LinkedIn. You also learn why, despite all the new tools, you still need a resume.

Establish an online presence. Can employers and recruiters find you on Google, Twitter, FaceBook, or Linkedin? Here are four ways to increase your online visibility.
Use social networking tools. Learn about the “big four” social networking sites—LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and Twitter—and what you can do with them.
Why you still need a resume. The new Internet tools are exciting, but they won’t be replacing your resume anytime soon. Learn why.
Today, employers expect you to be knowledgeable about the Internet. It shows that you’re tech-savvy, self-motivated, and tapped into current trends. And that, like having a great resume, makes you more marketable.

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