Meet the Louisiana Army National Guard first Black woman pilot

PINEVILLE, La. — A woman who was once rescued from the Superdome on a helicopter during Hurricane Katrina has gone on to become the Louisiana Army National Guard’s first Black female pilot. Warrant Officer Tatiana Julien of New Orleans pilots a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter in B Company, 1-244th Assault Helicopter Battalion, which is based […]

Roland Martin, McDonald& Team Up To Offer $100,000 In Scholarships To HBCU Juniors And Seniors

Journalist Roland Martin has teamed up with fast-food giant McDonald’s to offer $100,000 to historically Black colleges and university juniors and seniors. According to a McDonald’s release, the partnership also includes the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, of which Martin is a member, and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). The release adds that scholarships and […]

Bad managers, research reveals the root of your toxic behaviors

Managers may mistreat employees who perform poorly because they assume it results from a lack of diligence rather than other factors, according to research we published in September 2021. Surveys show that about one in seven U.S. workers feel that their manager engages in hostile behaviors toward them. Abusive supervision may range from relatively mild […]

This 17-Year-Old Made $30K Online Reselling Thrifted Clothes

Teenagers today are truly more enterprising than ever before since the availability of the internet and platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Mercari, and Depop.  Scanning Axaila‘s Instagram page is simple to glean that she is an exuberant young girl with a colorful, youthful personality and generates pictures and images that promote that fun-loving aesthetic. […]

Meet The Black-Owned Nonprofit Dedicated to Increasing Diversity in Gaming and Esports

Meet Cxmmunity, a Black-owned nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing diversity in the gaming and esports industry. As part of the company’s new partnership with Verizon, Cxmmunity took part in the second annual HBCU Esports League Verizon Celebrity Pro-Am on Sunday, March 27. The star-studded virtual event included $10K in prizes and brought together historically Black […]

130 Of The Most Hilarious Conversations People Overheard In Los Angeles, As Shared By ‘Overheard LA’ (New Pics)

Ah, Los Angeles, the city of angels, dreams, sunshine, and opportunity. The glitz, glamor, ambition, aloofness, and friendliness all mix together into a unique cultural cocktail that you wouldn’t mistake for any other place in the world. Welcome to LA where the snippets of conversation you catch in the city’s sun-soaked streets, luxurious cafes, golden […]

Hackiest HACK of ’em all –> Jennifer Rubin’s desperate attempt to prove KBJ was NOT an ‘affirmative action hire’ only makes her look MORE like one –

Jennifer Rubin clearly hasn’t taken her Hack Madness WIN lightly, already busy this morning proving she really and truly is the hackiest hack of them ALL! Her absolute dedication to saying really stupid stuff in order to support and pander to really stupid people … *chef’s kiss*. There aren’t many who would be so willing […]

Seahawks’ Pete Carroll Goes In on NFL Over Hiring Diversity

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll speaks with reporters during a coaches press availability at the NFL owner’s meeting, Tuesday, March 29, 2022, at The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Fla.Photo: Rebecca Blackwell (AP) Pete Carroll seems to have developed his own, personal language for telling NFL owners he DGAF. The Seattle Seahawks’ head coach […]

Wokeness Works, Until It Doesn’t

The biggest Occupy Wall Street wasn’t anarchic tent encampments, but the new hires entering the corporate suites. Contrary to what many expected, when campus radicals entered the real world, they changed it. And so Wall Street and Big Business have gone woke, with rainbow flags and Black Lives Matter banners and critical race theory as […]

Sean Penn calls for ‘unity’ on Ukraine in appearances on Fox News, MSNBC

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn on Tuesday called for unity and support for Ukraine during appearances on MSNBC and Fox News after returning from the country. Penn, who met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky face-to-face for the first time the day before Russia launched the invasion, offered much praise to the war-time leader. “Part of what makes […]

The New York Times Admits That ‘America Has a Free Speech Problem’

The New York Times published a terrific editorial on Friday that takes note of “America’s free speech problem” and points to both right-wing legislation and cancel culture—enforced by an uncompromising strain of progressivism—as culprits. “For all the tolerance and enlightenment that modern society claims, Americans are losing hold of a fundamental right as citizens of a […]

The Real ‘Reset’ Is Coming

President Joe Biden believes the Ukraine war will mark the start of a “new world order.” In the middle of the COVID global pandemic, Klaus Schwab and global elites likewise announced a “great reset.” Accordingly, the nations of the world would have to surrender their sovereignty to an international body of experts. They would enlighten […]

Disney Worker Says a ‘Silent Majority’ of Employees Support Florida’s Law Against Teaching Sexuality to Kindergarteners

According to at least one insider, a “silent majority” of Disney employees actually support Florida’s Parental Rights in Education, falsely flagged as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by left-wing radicals who want educators to be allowed to teach kindergarteners about sex. “There is immense pressure to toe the company line,” current Disney employee Jose Castillo […]

UVA Faculty Slams Student Paper for Trying to Ban Mike Pence

Seventeen members of the University of Virginia’s faculty wrote an op-ed in the school’s student newspaper Tuesday slamming its editorial board for attempting to pressure the administration into banning former Vice President Mike Pence from speaking on “Grounds.” The Cavalier Daily‘s editorial board recently penned a piece claiming Pence was “dangerous” and threatened student safety. […]

British Cycling Bans All Transgender Athletes Following Controversy

The British Cycling Board of Directors voted in favor of suspending its transgender athlete policy, which previously gave an option for biological male transgender athletes to compete against women. This move comes after biological male cyclist “Emily” Bridges was barred from competing in a women’s race last weekend. As Townhall covered, Bridges, 21, was cut […]

Megan Rapinoe warns XFL of similar branding to company ‘TogethXR’ owned by Sue Bird – Sports Illustrated

When the XFL released its new brand identity on Thursday, U.S. women’s national team star Megan Rapinoe felt like it looked familiar. That’s because her wife, Seattle Storm star Sue Bird, along with USWNT star Alex Morgan, two-time Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Chloe Kim and U.S. Olympic swimmer Simone Manuel co-founded the company entitled “TogethXR”, […]

‘Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls’ Is Ripping Dance’s Obsession with Tiny White Bodies to Shreds

Photo: James Clark/Amazon Studios (Getty Images) Trigger warning: This story addresses body dysmorphia and weight loss. Nearly every dancer who wasn’t straight-sized or stick thin growing up (as the dance industry would prefer it) keeps a mental notebook of horror stories that involve an influential authority figure making a blasé comment about their bodies that […]

Jackson confirmed as first Black female high court justice

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court on Thursday, shattering a historic barrier by securing her place as the first Black female justice and giving President Joe Biden a bipartisan endorsement for his promised effort to diversify the high court. Cheers rang out in the Senate chamber as Jackson, […]

Ted Cruz Asks Ketanji Brown Jackson if Babies Are Racist – Rolling Stone

Republicans haven’t been subtle about their concern that a Black woman is poised to join the Supreme Court. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) on Monday took issue with Ketanji Brown Jackson’s place on the board of Georgetown Day School, which preaches anti-racism and acknowledges that, as Blackburn described it, “so-called white privilege” exists in America. Sen. […]

Ant-Critical Race Theory Efforts have Reached 35 States

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been one of the biggest political adversaries of critical race theory. Photo: John Raoux (AP) One day the South Dakota Governor is signing a law that prohibits universities from using training material that could cause racial “discomfort.” Next, the Governor of Mississippi is signing a law that limits the discussion […]

University of Texas at Arlington Student Body President Impeached, Removed From Office – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Student Body President was impeached and removed from office Monday after a series of alleged online messages she posted surfaced were called into question. The screenshot messages, coming from the public forum site Discord, show alleged discriminatory comments from former Student Body President Caitlyn Burge-Surles. The uncovered remarks led […]

Fox News loses its place as a top-rated LGBTQ workplace by the Human Rights Campaign after recent coverage of Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

Images of Fox News personalities, from left, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Maria Bartiromo, Stuart Varney, Neil Cavuto and Charles Payne appear outside News Corporation headquarters in New York on July 31, 2021. AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey The HRC lowered Fox News’ Corporate Diversity Index score from 100 to 75. The media outlet has had […]

New Revelations Raise Pressure on NASA to Rename the James Webb Space Telescope – Scientific American

Sadness. Disappointment. Frustration. Anger. These are some of the reactions from LGBTQ+ astronomers over the latest revelations regarding NASA’s decision not to rename the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), given that the agency long had evidence suggesting its Apollo-era administrator James Webb was involved the persecution of gay and lesbian federal employees during the 1950s […]

Plant-based food sales reach record high of $7.4 billion in 2021

Sales of plant-based food at retail grew three times faster than total food retail sales in 2021, according to data released Thursday by the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA), The Good Food Institute (GFI) and wellness-focused data company  SPINS. Amidst turbulent economic conditions amplified by the pandemic, supply chain issues and inflation, the data shows U.S. retail sales of plant-based […]

Flood of Families Cancel Disney Memberships over Woke Company’s Leftist Agenda: ‘Walt Would Turn over In His Grave’

A flood of families are canceling their Disney memberships — from amusement parks to Disney+ streaming — over the woke entertainment company’s leftist, LGBTQIA+ agenda, with one parent noting, “Walt would turn over in his grave” if he saw what Disney has become. Loyal Disney consumers are saying the company has gotten out of control […]

KKK Headquarters in South Carolina to Become Diversity Center

In this, Jan. 13, 2020 file photo, Rev. David Kennedy stands outside the Echo Theater holding a photo of his great uncle’s lynching, in Laurens, S.C. Kennedy has fought for civil rights in South Carolina for decades.Photo: Sarah Blake Morgan (AP) Rev. David Kennedy, native of Laurens, South Carolina, founded the Echo Project to transform […]

How Disney and CEO Bob Chapek made a mess of the company’s reaction to Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill – The Washington Post

Disney employs 38 lobbyists to press its interests inside Florida’s state Capitol complex in Tallahassee. With its Orlando theme park empire and roughly 80,000 workers, the company already wields considerable influence in a state closely tied to tourism. Disney’s army of lobbyists are there just to make sure no one forgets. “Disney — they get […]

New vehicles must average 40 mpg by 2026, up from 28 mpg

DETROIT (AP) — New vehicles sold in the U.S. will have to average at least 40 miles per gallon of gasoline in 2026, up from about 28 mpg, under new federal rules unveiled Friday that undo a rollback of standards enacted under President Donald Trump. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said its new fuel […]

Can MIT Restore Sanity to College Admissions? | City Journal

This week, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that it would once again require applicants to take standardized tests. “Our ability to accurately predict student academic success at MIT⁠ is significantly improved by considering standardized testing,” wrote the university’s dean of admissions, Stu Schmill. Parents and alumni largely hailed the decision. Sanity, it seems, might […]

Male NFL Cheerleaders Are Changing Up Their Uniforms

Screenshot: Pro Dance Boyz (Fair Use) The football field is perhaps the last place one might expect to see a male athlete in a bedazzled lavender top with a matching choker. But as the NFL cheerleading audition season kicks off, the boys are back on the sidelines and sparkling—literally!—like never before. Being a male cheerleader […]

New vehicles must average 40 mpg by 2026 in U.S.

DETROIT (AP) — New vehicles sold in the United States will have to travel an average of at least 40 miles per gallon of gasoline in 2026 under new rules unveiled Friday by the government. What You Need To Know New vehicles sold in the U.S. will have to travel an average of at least […]

Rand Paul likens Anthony Fauci to ‘mafia don,’ shares old video of Fauci praising natural flu immunity as ‘most potent vaccination’

The number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 has fallen more than 90% in a little over two months as coronavirus hospitalizations plummet to the lowest levels since the early days of the pandemic. However, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) isn’t ready to let Dr. Anthony Fauci forget about his behavior during the pandemic, which he believes […]

Review of Disney’s Turning Red | Answers in Genesis

On the surface, Turning Red is a bright, colorful coming-of-age Disney+ movie about a teenage girl figuring out who she wants to be during the highs and lows of adolescence. In this animated feature, thirteen-year-old Meilin “Mei” Lee wakes up one day to discover she turns into a giant red panda when she gets emotional. […]

Harris Faulkner skewers Disney for trying to take away ‘innocence for our children’ by opposing parental rights law

Harris Faulkner accused Disney of trying to take away “innocence for our children.” The Fox News anchor criticized Disney for publicly opposing the Parental Rights in Education law that protects children in grades kindergarten through third grade from being exposed to communication about sexual topics. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law the Parental […]

Miami paper says DeSantis should stop attacking LGBTQ kids & focus on Florida’s real problems / LGBTQ Nation

The Editorial Board of the Miami Herald has taken a strong stance against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and the state’s Republican-dominated legislature for their crusade against LGBTQ people and people of color. In a recent editorial, the board blasted DeSantis for focusing on “made-up crises,” rather than the actual issues facing Floridians. “There was no shortage […]

The Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Law: Emmett Till’s Cousin and Ida B. Wells’s Great-Granddaughter Respond | Democracy Now!

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman. President Biden signed the Emmett Till Antilynching Act into law Tuesday, culminating efforts to make lynching a federal crime that started over a century ago. The legislation was named after Emmett Till, the 14-year-old Black teenager who was abducted, tortured […]

New Mexico launches cannabis sales within Texans’ reach

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico is bringing sales of recreational marijuana to the doorstep of Texas, the largest prohibition state, as the movement toward broad legalization sweeps up even more of the American West. As of Friday in New Mexico, anyone 21 and older can purchase up to 2 ounces (57 grams) of […]

BTS Deserves a Grammy, but Do the Grammys Deserve BTS?

It’s been a year since BTS lost their very first Grammys race, and their devoted fanbase, ARMY, continues to be perplexed. The bittersweet feeling of seeing the South Korean boy band finally be recognized by the Recording Academy—both with a nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and an invitation to perform on the storied stage—but […]

Will Smith confronts Chris Rock, then wins best actor Oscar ::

By JONATHAN LANDRUM Jr. and TIM REYNOLDS, Associated Press Writers Chris Rock made a joke. Will Smith quickly took offense. And the Oscars suddenly had a scene like none other. Smith — moments before winning best actor honors for his portrayal of tennis dad Richard Williams in “King Richard” — marched on stage and smacked […]

15 Things Museums Do That Piss Me Off

I love museums. Pick any weekend and you can find me wandering some echoey gallery around Philadelphia. They’re more than a pastime for me — I’m that lady in the museum who’s almost too into it, who takes pictures of every painting, leans in super close to study the details, and scribbles down notes for […]

New vehicles must average 40 mpg by 2026, up from 24 mpg ::

By TOM KRISHER, AP Auto Writer DETROIT — New vehicles sold in the United States will have to travel an average of at least 40 miles per gallon of gasoline in 2026 under new rules unveiled Friday by the government. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said its fuel economy requirements will undo a rollback […]

Harvard to expand financial aid starting with Class of ’26

Harvard College has offered admission to 1,214 applicants for the Class of 2026, with 1,954 admitted in total, including those selected in the early action process. “The Class of 2026 is truly remarkable in every way, and we hope they will choose to come to Harvard in the fall,” said William R. Fitzsimmons, dean of […]

Disney to Remove All Mentions of Traditional Gender Roles at Theme Parks

Disney is scrubbing the use of “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” from its theme parks to make them more welcoming, a company executive said in a video posted online. Vivian Ware, Disney‘s diversity and inclusion manager, made the remarks in a video posted to Twitter Tuesday by writer Christopher F. Rufo. The video comes […]

Will Smith Isn’t a Villain – He’s Human

The 2022 were all anyone could talk about Sunday night. From Ariana DeBose’s historic win to heartwarming red carpet reunions, the evening was meant to acknowledge Hollywood’s sheer brilliance, but it turned out to be an unforgettable night for all the wrong reasons. Like most viewers, the heated altercation between Chris Rock and Will Smith […]

‘Diversity Is Definitely There’: Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan Defends Israel Against ’Apartheid’ Accusations  | Jewish & Israel News

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan taking a selfie with students from Yeshiva College in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo: Instagram. Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan dismissed claims that Israel is practicing “apartheid,” a charge frequently levied by anti-Zionist activists, while visiting South Africa this week. Speaking with South African radio personality Bafana Modise, the human rights […]

Meet the two Black men now at the helm of Madison Ballet

Madison Ballet’s 40th anniversary season closes this weekend and next with a program titled Turning Pointe, which, the company’s website says, “celebrates the company’s past, while it steps into a brilliant future.” Leading the way into that future are two Black men: Jacob Ashley, who was named director of the company’s ballet school in January, […]

Miami paper says DeSantis should stop attacking LGBTQ kids & focus on Florida’s real problems / LGBTQ Nation

The Editorial Board of the Miami Herald has taken a strong stance against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and the state’s Republican-dominated legislature for their crusade against LGBTQ people and people of color. In a recent editorial, the board blasted DeSantis for focusing on “made-up crises,” rather than the actual issues facing Floridians. “There was no shortage […]

Oscars under fire for playing Toto’s ‘Africa’ to introduce black presenters, Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’ for Latina presenter

Social media erupted Sunday night, calling out the 94th Academy Awards’ showrunners for using what they said was questionable music to introduce presenters of color. The swanky annual ceremony was managed, however, by black producer Will Packer, who led an all-black producing team — an awards ceremony first. What are the details? According to a […]

Sauvignon Blanc Is Quickly Becoming Chile’s Flagship Wine

Winemaker Alberto Guolo left his native Italy to work in the Chilean wine industry for one main reason: He loves Sauvignon Blanc. It’s his favorite grape variety, so you can imagine his enthusiasm when he talks to his fellow winemakers about the experimentation with and potential for the grape in the South American country. “The […]

SUNY Brockport says large numbers of police being on campus is ‘traumatizing,’ lets students skip class | Fox News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what’s clicking on NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The State University of New York at Brockport said in a statement that the possibility of “large numbers” of police officers on-campus during an event featuring a convicted cop killer could be “traumatizing,” and […]

Disney executive wants more LGBTQIA, minority character

A Disney executive has vowed to drastically increase inclusivity in its productions, promising that at least 50 percent of its characters will be LGBTQ or racial minorities by the end of the year. Karey Burke, president of Disney’s General Entertainment Content, said the company must do more to make its content more inclusive in a […]

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