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Welcome to Black Employment News, we are one of the most visited news, information and black employment focused websites online today. Our Job boards services and network of products has served as an indispensable resource for black and minority communities as well as job seekers for more than 20 years.
Working with our partners to showcase their efforts in Diversity and Inclusion we have become a leading online resource for highlighting opportunities in Diversity Employment. Our Publication (BEN Magazine) is Interactive Digital Magazine.

More About Us

For a nearly 20 years, we have bridged the gap for Job seeking minorities, first-generation college students, and underprivileged, low-income communities of varied backgrounds by connecting them with organizations that support equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity. Evolution and adaptation are the keys to staying on top of any institution’s demands. Not only have we helped partners obtain their goals in diversifying their organizations, we’ve also helped them establish branding that is attractive to audiences in an online and digital environment. Our diversity, inclusion efforts existed even before a lot of the big names came into the picture. The colleges and companies we’ve partnered with in the past still continue to get our precise and effective instruments, tools and measures.  Where others fail, we succeeded. If you ask us how we did it, we’d say we focus on the detail, the small things… quality over quantity and experience over expansion. Equal Opportunity Today and our sister companies are synonymous with successful diversity recruitment and Equal opportunity campaigns online exposure. We are trend setters and the leaders in targeted minority recruitment and equal opportunity compliance. Our wisdom in the industry is incomparable.

Our Purpose

“Our Purpose” To make Diversity in Education and Employment achievable and  remarkable

Our Mission

“Our Mission ”  To provide the most actionable data to help our partners achieve their recruitment goals and increase their bottom line.

Our Vision

“Our Vision”  To empower people through Diversity,  Higher Education, and Rewarding Careers while leading the Diversity Recruitment & Minority Digital marketing space, through modernization, skillfulness and amazing service.

We know all about minority recruitment and equal opportuny, especially being a minority owned company we are very experienced with the challenges and obstacles the college seeking minority or black job seeker is facing. Let us lead them to your campus or company  by highlighting your opportunities, uniqueness and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Student and our companies remain your premier resource for minority student recruitment, digital marketing strategies, and your equal opportunity advertising needs. We work directly with your admissions departments, marketing officers and or campus executives to identify the best students for your school, and we help you engage with only the most qualified prospects.

Diversity Student is based in Los Angeles, Our global team of higher education . Our experienced digital marketing team stays focused on handling your digital communication and minority prospect lead capturing, letting you concentrate on making meaningful engagements with prospective students. Our approach offers you the broadest visibility and our social media campaigns,  Campus Profile

of specialists are always working to strengthen and develop the innovations that provide the ideal marketing and enrollment solutions. At Diversity Student, academic solutions and our passion for diversity in higher education form the core of our commitment to finding the right answers to your needs, and we are excited to be alongside your school as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving sector of Higher Education Recruitment.

Equal Opportunity Today is dedicated to helping you accomplish your minority and diversity recruitment goals .

We are expert digital marketers with unmatched expertise in higher education and minority recruitment, that’s what makes Us a different kind of Digital Media and Marketing Company.

Our founder, Larry Washington, spent over 25 years as the CEO or Managing Partner of several marketing and recruitment corporations. In 2008, he ventured outside the box , convinced that the science of digital media and social networks could be the gateway to inbound engagement and produce significant results for the higher education diversity recruitment. Since then, Equal Opportunity Today, has grown into a national digital marketing company of highly-skilled professionals who are passionately committed to Diversity Recruitment, Inclusion and customer success. Our growing team consists of marketers, analysts, content experts, and project managers who work together to achieve impressive results for our clients, winning rave reviews in the process. Today, we are not only recognized by our clients for improving and highlighting their commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion — but also by delivering real value using cutting edge marketing technology and creativity.

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